Professional Image For Men: How To Dress Well Even Under Heat

Let’s get real: nobody deserves to get all cleaned up to go to work, just to melt down soon after leaving the house, right? Especially for those who live where it’s summer all year long, it’s hard to resist the will of wearing shorts or dressing whatever just so you don’t get upset of seeing so much effort sweating away… #IGetYou! But just because the temperature rises doesn’t mean the standard of your professional image lowers, all right? So check out three super tips on how to dress well under heat!

1. Breathable clothing

Before anything else, keep in mind that the clothing ‘s fabric defines how hot you feel. It is why next time you go shopping, give preference to natural fabrics, such as cotton, rather than synthetic ones, such as polyester. This way you guarantee a lot more time cooled down, since your clothes will better absorb the sweat and dry faster!

2. Adequate overlays

Dismiss your usual blazer, because the best overlay for high temperatures is the vest. In addition to making you feel lighter, by combining it with a tie and folded sleeves, a vest makes you look super elegant, suitable for work and you will still be applauded for your style (trust me)!


3. Light and cold colors

None of that black goes-with-everything! To escape extreme heat, bet on light colors, as they repel heat, whereas dark colors absorb it. But it is not enough to be light, the best “temperature lowering” colors are cold, like blue, purple and green.

Now keep in mind an extra tip: to scare away the heat and still look super stylish, bet without fear in light and neutral colors, such as white, beige, greyish brown and light gray!


And, between us, after these tips and inspirations, you can’t say that it’s the heat that keeps you from looking awesome at work, right? Always remember: a good image is an essential factor in the equation of your success! 😉

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