3 Foolproof Tips on How to Dress Well

Do you know when you wear those clothes that leave you feeling wonderful? It’s as if you were so powerful that you could conquer the world! 💃 Let’s face it: few sensations in the world are better than just feeling good about yourself. Isn’t it? 😊 But dressing well is not important just for that.

The truth is that 55% of the time we are being judged by our looks and actions, 38% by our voice tone and only 7% of what we have to say. That is, if you thought until now that you could wear whatever for thinking that appearances were silly, hold right there and come with me, because in today’s post I will give you 3 precious tips on how to dress well!

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Even more so – and I can’t repeat myself enough – because when you start to dress well, you start to feel well! So let’s go?

Monochrome Looks

Monochromatic looks are those formed by the same color in the whole look, as in the shoe, the top, the dress or the blazer, for example. That means you can mix different shades of the same color, just like I did in the outfit below, where I combined pink clochard pants with a white blouse, a red maxi blazer, and white lace sandals. Come feel this power! 😍


Another monochromatic outfit option that also looks really neat is the combination of different pieces in the same color tone. But be careful, because if not done right it can look like a uniform, okay? So I preferred to mix the tones, to give more personality to the look! 😊

Discrete Prints

Another way of dressing well is by using discrete prints rather than flashy, large and abstract ones. A great example is the outfit below, where I combined polka dot shorts with the same white sandals and blouse of the previous outfit.

The cool thing about polka dot is that it reminds us a little of pearls, which are also accessories that are very loved by the elegant woman. So another option here would be to place some pearl accessory such as an earring or a bracelet!


Did you notice how this outfit seems so comfortable? That’s because I created it thinking of you ladies who want to dress well without losing comfort! But you must be thinking “all right, I’m really into the top and the shorts quite loose like that… but the heels, Myse … No way! I’m not going to swap my flats for heels that will keep me from walking straight on the streets.” 😅

Keep calm! Notice that these heels are really thick, a.k.a block heels! Plus, there’s this ankle strap that holds the sandal in place. This way you will be able to control your foot and feel safe while walking! All good, right? Give it a try and come tell me after! 😉

B&W Contrast

Finally, the famous B&W (or Black and White), which I also love and is a super trip on how to dress better! This is due to the absence of too much color contrast (there is no orange with red with yellow with green, for example). Instead, they are sober and neutral colors that give the idea of a more refined woman and still go well with everything! Pretty cool, huh? 😄

Here I took a black midi skirt with a slit on the leg and a tie at the waist and combined the very same white sandals and white top of the previous looks. This is a great proof that you can wear the same pieces from your wardrobe and use one piece in multiple ways to make it seem like you’re in new clothes – I also talk about that right HERE! [LINKAR POST DE SOBREPOSIÇÕES]


And an EXTRA TIP: when you replicate at home, you can put more color in the outfit by swapping the white sandals for red block heels, for example, all right? This way you’ll still look neat, as there will only be a touch of color in the look (instead of several mixed colors, as I explained above). But I preferred to keep everything black and white to give the idea of sharper and steadier personality, another characteristic of someone who dresses well!

See how it isn’t as hard as it seems to dress well? With simple and practical tips like these, dressing well becomes so much easier and pleasurable!

Bisous and until the next post! ❤️

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