3 Tips on How to Dress for Work

Truth be told: offering the best product or service today isn’t enough. With so much competition around us, having a successful professional image has become a deciding factor when it comes to winning a client, climbing up the industry or closing a sale. There’s the importance of nailing that outfit – every day. The problem is that knowing how to dress to work is always a doubt in our minds, isn’t it? 😪

It was thinking about this that today I brought 3 outfit inspirations for you to rock on your next working day, girl! The cool thing is that I divided the outfits according to different work environments, after all, think with me: someone who works in a law firm should follow a dress code from who works in a shoe store, right? So let’s go check the tips!! 😍👇🏽

How to dress for a formal work environment

This type of environment, which requires more seriousness, finds a good example in the work of a lawyer. If this is your case, focus on items made from more noble fabrics (such as chiffon), discreet textures and prints (such as the famous pinstriped print), closed shoes (ideally a heel), and a few discreet accessories. As for colors, prefer sober ones (such as white, black and dark gray), but feel free to dare with flashy colors in a single item of the look (for example, in an accessory).

With that in mind, it’s time to get inspired by this work outfit I created with a black Clochard Cropped Pants, a dark green long-sleeved blouse with lace collar, and red block heels! Check out how elegant it looks!

How to dress for a semi-casual work environment

If you work in a semi-casual environment, such as with public relations, you can bet on a mix of formal pieces (such as a blazer) and casual pieces (such as a jacket). As well as a mix of noble fabrics (such as linen) and casual fabrics (such as jeans). Also, feel free to dare to wear more eye-catching colors and more creative accessories. As for shoes, they should be closed, but you still have the flexibility of them having heels or not and of being more casual (such as docksider).

It was thinking about this that I put together a work outfit with a red midi pencil skirt – super classic – a printed blouse of fine fabric (chiffon) – but in a very modern style -, and a nude pointed toe shoe with ankle straps. So, we’ve come to an elegant look with a touch of creativity!

How to dress for a casual work environment

And speaking of creativity, the dress code that allows you to dare most in the outfit is the casual environment, as it’s the case of startups (or myself on my daily life 😁). But be careful! That doesn’t mean you can dress whatever, all right? Although it’s a freer and lighter environment, your clothes need to pass the required credibility to any and all professional image.

So the rule here is reversed and you should keep in mind what NOT to wear: clothes that are too tight or too short, too much cleavage or slits, prints that are too flashy, accessories that are noisy or that get in the way of your activities, and so on. .. Now let’s check out the outfit, ’cause I already spoke too much! 😂

For a balanced look between the creative, the elegant and the romantic, I put on a blazer, combined it with a neutral top (which is white), polka dot shorts (which is a discreet print) and finished with laced up sandals (to give it a romantic touch)!

In the end, my dear stylish reader, the most important thing is to realize how important it is to choose your clothes and your looks for work! Your professional style, no matter what activity you do and where you work, should always reflect the image of the responsible, competent and respected professional you strive to be!

Now tell me: did you like these tips and got left with the taste of wanting more? So keep yourself updated with my blog and find out all about how to dress for success!!!

Bisous and until the next post! ❤️

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