5 Tips To Nail Office Looks With A T-Shirt

Who doesn’t love a t-shirt, right? Even more, if it’s made out of cotton! It’s so comfortable that if we could we’d use it nonstop, amiright? 😂 But for an office look, we worry it might look too messy, huh? 👀 After all, when we think of getting ready for work, we usually jump straight to the idea of combining social shirts, pants, blazers, and so on… Don’t we? BUT, what if I told you that you can create elegant looks for work with a t-shirt?? 😱 Yep, true! So come with me, because today I’ll give you 5 tips for you to create perfect office looks with a t-shirt! 😍


This one is awesome! Because the pointed toe pump is definitely a must-have not just for working, but for all women who want to be more elegant on any occasion! 👠 When combined with a t-shirt, this type of shoe breaks the informality of the shirt, making the whole look more formal and more appropriate for the work environment! As if that wasn’t enough, it still gives that awesome elongated effect on the legs! I looove it! 😁 If it’s a nude color, then, even better! Look at how the nude pointed-toe pump gave a WOW factor to the office look with a t-shirt:



Another super versatile clothing piece is the tailored type because it’s directly linked to the elegant style. So in any look that you put it, it will give such a POWERFUL touch! 💃 So next time you think about styling your office looks with a t-shirt, invest in a pair of tailored pants, shorts, or skirts, deal? Trust me, you’ll notice the difference!


If you loved the pointed toe pump tip and really wanted to try it out but just from thinking of wearing pumps you already feel the paaain… WAIT FOR IT ⛔ and keep calm! Because I discovered the super secret to wearing heels without losing comfort! And the trick is ~ suspense music ~ block heels! I looove it and I only use this kind of heel ever since I discovered it #confessions 🌚 because it looks super elegant and you can wear it A LOT with no pain! How about you try it and come back to tell me how it went??


The maxi blazer is another must-have item to create gorgeous office looks with a t-shirt! 😍 The best thing is that, because it’s maxi, it’s perfect to style with more daring looks, such as with shorts and short skirts, as the bigger length makes them look more “composed” and therefore appropriate for this type of environment. 😏 Also, because it’s a clothing item that our mind automatically relates to work, when we style it, it already changes the look and makes it neater, don’t you think?



Did you think that to look office-ready all you had to think about was clothes and accessories? No way!! As I always say, your image depends on a whole set and the hair sure has to be thought of in your work outfits, all right? 🙆 And the ponytail is THE HAIR TRICK to look more stylish and elegant at work because, in addition to being a super practical hairstyle, it still looks good in all ages, faces, and styles!  And of course, when styled with office looks with a t-shirt it gives you a whole different feel!

Nooow yes! Just mix 2 or more of these tips to take your next office look with a t-shirt to a whole other level! So, did you like this content? Then go ahead and share this post link on your Facebook / Whatsapp / smoke signal to all your stylish bffs!

Bisous and until the next post! ❤️

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