Your Best Image Comes From Self-knowledge

Many people don’t know, but we’re all judged by our appearances all the time and the image we present of ourselves to the world is a direct factor in the equation that results in our success, both personal and professional. This is why each detail is essential in the creation of a victorious personal image.

However, with the bombardment of information that hits us every day — social media, magazines, newspapers, soap operas, TV series, shop windows —, it’s difficult to know what must be understood as a “good image” and following what the majority says ends up being much easier.

But what’s the point of camouflaging yourself as one more between so many of the same, when you can be uniquely you? The truth is that presents the best image who has enough self knowledge to reach self-confidence.

After all, it’s knowing your body type, the color that flatters you the most, your personal style and your life goals that you start investing only in what you like, what dresses you well, is really you, awakens the best in you and leaves you feeling confident to face any challenge.

This way, thoughts like those of not being someone beautiful for having your body outside of society’s dictated standard, or those of not being able to get in a relationship for not having your breasts as big as television actresses do, or those of being objectified for others looking more to your butt than listening to what you have to say, are all thrown away to space and replaced by empowerment.

Like those days when you wake up with so much self-esteem that you feel like you can conquer the world, you know? Realizing that your best image is self-knowledge, you can feel like this every day!

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