Hair Barrettes: 2019’s Biggest Accessory Trend

Hellooo, my stylish ladies! Today we’re going to talk about a trend that’s so dear to me and all the girls in their 20-something (not wanting to reveal our age but already revealing hahaha)! Do you remember when we were little and we used a bunch of hair clips, hair barrettes, bracelets, and chockers with our names on them? SO! This year’s BIGGEST accessory TREND is a mixture of all of this and it has a name: hair clips! I swear I was so nostalgic about this, I even made a DIY for you to get this must-have accessory in minutes!! 😱 So come with me because this tutorial is easy peasy, you’ll see! 😁

The 90’s influence on fashion has been growing strong since before summer ’19, and it’ll continue all year round! 😍 This time, it turned hair clips and hair barrettes, which used to be just for kids, into a must-have accessory for all stylish ladies out there! Even better if you mix shine, details, and even words in the middle! The trick here is not to be afraid to dare! Even more so because the trend is to use several pins like that at once, all right? Just check out how this style trick brings tons of personality to the look:

But if you thought that was too much for you, I also have some more discreet inspirations! Check them out:

And now the promised DIY that I made for you to adhere to this trend easy peasy! 😍


What do you need?

  • 2 plain open-close hair barrettes
  • silver letters with shiny applications (or craft glue and shiny applications to glue on the letters)

How to do it?

First, you’ll write down what words you’ll want to form. Then you’ll count how many letters repeat because the clip is movable, so you can form several words with the same letters (and save some cash 😉). Then go hunting (I swear, I searched all over the city to find these 😂) for the letters and the hair barrettes. As I didn’t find the perfect size, I made it work by turning the staple inside out! hehehe Glue the shiny stuff on the letters, if they don’t come with them on already and, after this, all that’s left is for you to fit the letters on the hair barrettes and voilà, you’re ready to rock them!

How to style?

Did you think it was over? Of course not! As I was already doing the DIY, I went ahead and created myself a look to inspire you!

Nooow we’re done! And you’re all ready to make your word hair barrettes and go out rocking all over in #itgirl style! So, did you like these inspirations and this DIY? So go ahead and pin the photo below on your Pinterest for you to check later or share it on Facebook for all your stylish friends! 😍

Bisous and until the next post! ❤️

Hair_Barrets_Are 2019s_Biggest Accessory_Trend_1

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    September 7, 2019 at 08:39

    OMG, so in love with this barrette trend! Can't wait to see more!

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