How The Way You Dress Changes How You See Yourself

In the last article I wrote about the essentiality of building a successful personal image and how self-knowledge is a key factor in this process — if you haven’t checked that post yet, just click here. But it was knowing the difficulty of awakening self-confidence without precise guidance, that I chose three tips for you to apply the power of dressing in your daily life and kick-start your delightful journey for self-esteem and self-love.

1. Know your body type

Do you know when you see someone wearing something and think it’s so amazing that you immediately want the same piece, but when you finally try it, it turns out completely different? It’s your body calling your attention for you to know it better! Think about it, just as each person is unique, so is their body. So when you dress accordingly to your body type, you emphasize what you like and disguise what you don’t like and, with this, you feel good just the way you are! #selfesteem

2. Know your style

In a few words, style can be defined as your personality translated in the way you dress. This is why not knowing it is one of the biggest causes of the famous “I have nothing to wear” — even if your closet is completely full. This happens because when there’s no conscience of personal style, you end up following what others (friends, social media, window displays) decide, whether it matches your personality or not. And the result of following fashion instead of style? You start to — wrongfully — think that the problem is with you (and your self-esteem falls to the ground).

3. Know your colors

If one day you heard someone saying something like “this color is so you”, don’t think that it’s something randomly of their head. Actually, I correct myself. It is. Besides being used for therapeutic and psychological ends (thus the importance of employing the right color for your goal), using the tones that harmonize with your own skin tone and subtone is a simple and effective way of enhancing your natural beauty and making you feel your best.

This way, dressing to awaken the best in you will completely change the way you see yourself! So, are you ready to put these 3 tips to practice and raise your self-esteem? Bet on the power of dressing and feel amazing every day!

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