How to Become More Stylish in 3 Steps

Do you know when that super stylish woman arrives and you already know, even without really knowing her, that she is a super creative and innovative person? It even makes you want to be her friend, whether for a more original and fun look at life (after all, if she dresses so differently, she must think differently too) or simply to make her day happier (since she seems to be so much fun)… doesn’t it?

This happens because the way you dress reflects who you are. Hence the importance of looking in the mirror and not seeing your clothes as mere stitched fabrics, but rather as faces of your personality! It was with this in mind that today I came to teach you how to be more stylish in just 3 steps. After all, who doesn’t want to be more self-confident, passionate about life and known for being original?

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1. Mix prints

Print mixing is a challenge, I know. It scares the hell out of us to go out on the street all bold and colorful and people star think you’re crazy, right? It’s so much better to simply match that printed skirt with that plain blouse, so you won’t be in danger of making a mistake, right? No!!! If you’re agreeing with it, your first step on the road to being more stylish is: don’t be afraid to take a risk!

It might work out perfectly – and people will even want to copy you! – or it can go very wrong – and that’s okay too, the important thing about this style is to have fun! But since we’re still at the first step of how to be more stylish, I’ll teach you a technique that will make this task much simpler than it seems. To combine different prints, just find one or more colors that are common between the items! Easy peasy, huh? Watch how amazing it looks!

If you’re thinking “Myse, are you for real? This level hard mix printing is too modern for me,” I came up with some inspirations for more discreet looks. Check them out!

2. Use ethnic references

The second step to becoming more stylish is to use ethnic references in your looks. That is to say, everything that connects with customs, traditions, and cultures that are different from your daily life. Think of clothes and accessories that are typical to a specific group of people, such as the Peruvian poncho, Japanese kimono, Arabian bracelets, Mexican flowery skulls, and Indian eye makeup.

3. Mix up styles

Last but not least since there are several other ways to become more stylish, the third step is to mix several personal styles in a single look. What do you mean, do you ask? Well, while it’s common to have a predominant style, the creative woman has a personality that blends all styles. Sounds complicated? Let’s take an example.

Think of the purely romantic woman, who is feminine and delicate, and conveys this through light fabrics, laces, and frills. Give her a leather jacket or a sneaker and she will have a difficult time wearing it, simply because she doesn’t feel like herself. But the woman who is romantic AND creative, who likes different items and textures, would use a little of each (often even all of them together and mixed) and still make it work! Enjoy the art happening below.

Now that we have reached the end of this step by step, how about including in your outfit an item that you wouldn’t normally wear? It may even be a very small accessory, as long as it’s out of your ordinary. And from there you can go on creating, mixing and having fun! Observe that the idea here is not to change your clothes or your style, much less who you are, but rather to rediscover yourself and improve yourself!

As if this was, then, a step by step towards a better version of you. For to be stylish you have to take risks, trust the unusual, invent new versions, have fun, and – the best part – believe in who you are!

Thinking like this, you can’t help but dress well, huh?

Bisous and until the next post! ❤️

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