How To Make Your Party Outfit Look Brand New

Repeating a party outfit, let’s face it, is still a very delicate situation. And admit it, as soon as the party invitation arrives, you start planning to buy new clothes, right? But, WAIT! Before you go out to buy ONE outfit that you will wear only ONCE 😅, read this post, because although I don’t even care about it, I really do repeat clothes, and I’m telling you that you should do the same, our hard earned money and mother nature thank both thank you, today I’ll show you how to give a new take on your old clothes! And better yet: I brought 2 of my party outfits that, with simple changes, looked brand new! So let’s go check it all out! 💃


I had a short jumpsuit with bareback that I wore more than during the day because it didn’t look too formal for a party outfit, right? 🙈 It was was when I was invited to a prom and remembered a super discovery that my mother made in a thrift store: a sparkling tulle dress that I sewed every little malfunction by hand and it was perfect. 😍 So I searched in my closet what could match with it because shine always looks party-perfect, right?? So I took the short jumpsuit that I hadn’t used in so long and did what? I took the opportunity to renew the outfit and make it look new as if I’d just bought it: I combined it with nude pumps, 2 gorgeous bracelets crisscrossed the neckline with the jumpsuit itself … and TCHARAM! It was the talk of the night!!! Look how amazing it turned out:



Oh, those who know me well might even suspect something because I already talk about this so much, but it IS the purest truth: the secret is in the details. Take for example this flowery long dress that I wore for several parties, from a prom to a wedding, just the way it was. But from using it so much, I wanted to renew the outfit so it wouldn’t look so much of the same, right? 😂 So what did I do? I added several shiny chains around the back, shoulders, and chest, and finished it off with a pink bow at the waist! In other words: I invested in the details! And I swear: people asked me where I bought it because it looked so beautiful and I don’t even remember what it looked like before! 😁 Check out how gorgeous it turned out:


So, what do you think? I hope it helped you to get inspired for your next looks! After all, in addition to not spending your precious money and helping to protect the environment from the damages of fast fashion, you’ll also be able to invest in clothes that you truly can use in different ways and adapt to the most diverse occasions – as are the clothing items of the Laessentia Capsule Collection! 😍

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Bisous and until the next post! ❤️

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