How To Transform Your Outfit With Only One Item

Do you know that piece of clothing that you simply can’t get enough of? That one that you love so much that, when you’re just not in the mood to choose or in doubt over what to wear, it’s almost as if your hand had a life of its own and went straight to it? The problem is that, from using it so much, you end up getting sick of the poor thing or people asking if you even wash it or if you only have those clothes, right?

But before you think about buying a new outfit (just feel your money and sustainable consumption smiling together here), I’ll reveal you the infallible style trick that will completely transform your look – I swear – with just a single item! And look, I haven’t even told you the best part: you’re going to keep wearing that piece that you’ve used uncountable times before and even then, everyone will think you’re wearing new clothes!

Oh, my, that sounds more like a lie, right? But it’s not. I’m talking about the magic of third pieces! And since in this classification you’ll find blazer, jackets, kimonos, cardigans, scarfs and any other piece that can be used over another, go ahead and grab what you already have in your closet and come with me to learn how to use these magic items! Ah, you can appreciate without moderation, because today the outfits gallery was all made with combinations that I created myself, just to make it super easy of you to reproduce at home!

1. Kimono

Oh, I LOVE kimonos! To me, they are the perfect blend of elegant and creative styles. Also, because it’s a typical oriental item, the kimono still brings a sense of mystery to its wearers, which makes this third piece even more magical! See below the outfit inspirations both with and without it.

2. Blazer 

That was the first one you thought of when I talked about third pieces, back in the beginning of this post, wasn’t it? That’s why I didn’t start these tips with the blazer, so you can already be inspired by more creative possibilities! The blazer is a third piece traditionally used in the work environment. But what was once a super serious piece, today appears in the most diverse fabrics, styles, and colors, making it perfect for the most diverse occasions. The good thing about it is that, besides multiplying the look, you’ll surely look RICH and feel super powerful! Is there anything better than that?

Here’s a super proof of the magic of the overlays: these two looks were used in the same event. It turns out that at one point it got so hot that I took off my blazer. And then someone came to ask me “why did you change clothes?” 😂

3. Maxi Cardigan

This is the ideal third piece if you’re someone who only wears an outfit if it’s comfortable. The maxi cardigan is just like a cardigan, usually with buttons or something else to close up its front, but with midi or maxi length. Notice that in both looks I used the same under items and changed only the third piece (upper item), and the outfit already looked brand new! So if you wish to dress well without losing your comfort, bet on the maxi cardigan. Even more, if it’s in a fabric as light as the one I’m wearing on the photo, then it’ll be love at first sight for you! ❤️

4. Overalls

Okay, I’ll admit it: overalls aren’t exactly third pieces. hahaha But in a way it is! Just look at the outfits below and see how the blouse looks totally different with the overalls on top! Not to mention that it’s a super trending item that’s come with everything this year and will mak you SUPER stylish! I even made a very cool post for anyone who wants to wear overalls, but avoid in fear of looking like a kid. Look at this gorgeousness right down here!

And there you go! What did you think of today’s tips? I think that up to now you’ve already realized that to dress when repeating clothes, you just have to know how to do it the right way, didn’t you? Even more so when looking at the outfits I’ve created on myself, it’s much easier to understand how to bring fashion from catwalks to the real world!

Bisous and until the next post! ❤️

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