What Is The “Cocktail” Dress Code? (PART 1)

Every time a new event comes up you get all cray-cray not knowing what to wear? And when you think the invitation is going to help by telling you what kind of clothes you should wear, then comes full dispair, because you think “what the hell is ___ (insert here the dress code that came in the invitation)___?”… Or, even worse: not knowing what to do, you take a risk and end up going to the party with an outfit that has nooothing to do with what everyone is wearing! Oh, what a nightmare, huh? But, keep calm, because today you’ll finally learn to dress well according to one of the most dubious dress codes: the Cocktail (a.k.a. Semiformal, After-Five).

I’ll start by saying that this party is going to be KI-LL-ER, okay? The Cocktail is the dress code of glamor and its keyword is (semi) formality. Think of wedding parties, proms, spectacular openings, grand dinners, and so on…

Moda Festa_Passeio Completo_GIF da Cinderela

Oh, my, my… did your eyes shine too just from reading this description?

So get ready for the divine looks that will come up in a moment! All according to the elegance and attention to detail that are key to this type of event! To create the perfect look, remember to incorporate: noble fabrics, glitter, lace, embroidery, jewelry, great tailoring, high heel, clutches, and hair and makeup on point!

Here, you can bet without fear on long skirts or dresses – as long as they’re not puffy – or in midi and short lenghts – since sophisticated – all right? Pants are also welcome, but only in great tailoring or in fine fabrics such as velvet and taffeta. If you’re like me, and want to show your bolder side, try creating a look in overalls or a suit (or, who knows, pants and dresses together? Hhmm) and get ready to be the fashionista of the party! Looove it!

And now, yaaaay, let’s check out those looks!

Cocktail dress code look with long dresses

There was no way I could begin these dress party inspirations, if not with this DIVINE look from Gisele Bündchen… Maybe because of so much shine – glitter anonymous, help me -? Or was it that neon pink bow that pretty much made up the whole outfit all by itself? Just imagine the outfit without it, it would have looked kind of boring… I LOVED it! And, because the dress already has enough information, the minimal and glowy makeup and the hair in a casual ponytail created a super clean duo, ideal for this look.

Now, if you’re among my classy lady readers, I know you fell in love with Meryl Streep’s refined, minimalist dress! The draperies done in the right places, the slit and the “refreshing” color of the dress were a perfect match to the actress’s bright and striking accessories. Finally, hair up in a hairstyle that mixes the elaborate and the unpretentious, along with natural makeup, completes the look in a light and, of course, super chic manner!

Cocktail dress code look with midi style dresses

Oh, the midi style… Always so romantic and elegant! If you’re looking for a chic look that’s mistake-proof, the midi dress will be perfect for you. Just look at this Melissa Mccarthy outfit to understand what I’m talking about. The yellow plus size midi dress with delicate flower application and fitted waist was combined with loose wavy hair, black eyeliner, and red lipstick, forming a beautiful ladylike look that’s perfect for the actress’s body type!

Now if you want to go opposite from classic, get inspired by Dakota Johnson’s a-ma-zing dress. With so many details of colors, applications, sparkles and shapes, this dress is the perfect blend of elegance, creativity and romance. The sandal, which normally wouldn’t go well with a dress like that, was perfect just because of its innovative vibe. Natural hair and lips closed things up in a beautiful bow (a red lipstick, for example, and it would have been a total mess, you see?). What about her cute bangs? Impossible not to look gorgeous like me and my own fringe hahaha!

Cocktail dress code look with short dresses

And speaking of details, Gina Rodriguez’s short dress, which would have been totally boring – and inappropriate for the Cocktail dress code – came to life with all those gemstone braids that cover the whole dress, those pointed toe heels with delicate strips on the ends, and those rings and bracelets that are so rich-looking. To finish up, natural hair in loose waves and powerful eye makeup in the same color as the dress finishes the look beautifully! She looks gorgeous!

Another look with a short dress that’s per-fect for the Cocktail dress code is this one from Lily Collins! It’s got a fine fabric, a sophisticated print and a giant lace on the shoulder that brings an unexpected – and super nice – touch of modernity. The metallic heels value the dark nails (yes, the nails are also part of the look, all right?) and the classic makeup along with super sleek hair behind the shoulders allow the focus to be the dress. In the end, a super chic, balanced and refreshing look!

By now do you feel like you’re ready to knock ’em dead at your next party? Hold on, we’re just getting started. I was so inspired by these looks that I divided this post in two. Keep following me on the Blog and on Instagram, ’cause the next post will come full of looks with pants, suits, and overalls! Just get your heart ready, because the looks will be KILLERS, okay?

Bisous and until the next post! ❤️

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