What’s The “Cocktail” Dress Code? (PART 2)

The beginning and the end of the year are always full of parties, right? Even today, there’s The Oscars and I’m already checking out the celebs’ looooks! But getting back to our reality… From graduations to weddings, passing through super dinners and divine openings, there’s always that doubt: what the hell am I going to wear? Therefore, Part 2 of “What Is ‘The Cocktail’ Dress Code?” is finally on air! If you still don’t know what the hell is a Cocktail dress code (a.k.a. Semiformal, After-Five) and you’re totally lost in the party, click here in PART 1!

Today’s looks have been specially chosen for you who want to look oh! So bold at parties wearing this dress code! Get inspired by these looks with overalls or suits (or, maybe, dress AND pants? Hhmm) and get ready to be the fashionista of the party! Looove it!

Cocktail Dress Code Look With Overalls

HOLD UP, ’cause I was totally struck with Jenna Dewan’s look! Fine… I’ll admit, I always drool over her looks. But that’s not all: it’s the powerful vibe she emanates! I love it! ❤️ This awesome look is due in large part to the overalls. If you still don’t know, overalls are essential for anyone who wants to dress well [LINKAR POST DE COMO SE VESTIR MELHOR], okay? The super contrasting colors and the polka dot applications match perfectly the red lipstick and tidy but cool hairstyle to create a super stylish look with a sensual feel. Jenna, you look awesome!

What about Teyonah Parris’ jumpsuit? All in tailoring (but the way, look at those shoulder pads!), With a fabric that is the definition of wealth and with a color that left the actress gl-ow-ing, the overalls worked with the cool hairstyle to result in this super modern look.

Cocktail Dress Code Look With Suit

GIRLS, what about Emma Stone’s look? 😱 Call me up ’cause I want to borrow it! So luxe!!! The secret here was to go bold on the items, starting with the pants, which are already quite out of the norm. To be inspired by this look, remember that it only worked because it’s in accordance with the characteristics of the Cocktail dress code outfit that I talked about before: tailoring, fine fabrics, jewelry, high heels, hair aligned and very well done makeup. Note the colors of the blazer and the makeup, all in shades of pink, an inspo from the 80s that made the look super modern!

The actress Nina Dobrev also bet on the mix of modernity + the 80s + sexiness and put the legs to game in that gorgeous ensemble that hypnotizes from so much shine. Note that this look works as a Cocktail dress code outfit because she focused well on the details (even the hair braids were given a metallic effect), high fashion stitching, refined fabrics, a lot of shine and super sophisticated shoes – you can’t go wrong with pointed heels, right?

Extra: Cocktail Super Fashionista Dress Code Look

You know me and of course, I left the best looks for the end. The powerful-feminist-gorgeous-fashionista Emma Watson simply STOPED the red carpet with this super fashion look! Did I LOVE it? A mixture of pants with a dress with a skirt with overalls… You guys, I have no words to describe!! I already want a super fab event just for me to go with a look like this!

And now, are you ready to be the next sensation of the party? With so many outfit inspirations it’ll get super easy to create your Cocktail dress code outfit for the next party, won’t it? Just be prepared to be the center of attention!

Bisous and until the next post! ❤️

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